In 2014, industry figures recorded that about 20million Canadians were owners of life insurance. Also that same year, about 97 private life insurers were in competition within Canada’s insurance market, and this included both foreign and domestic companies. These life insurers are financial service companies with diverse customer offerings that go beyond only life insurance. That said, we’ll be looking at top life insurance companies in Canada, their product offerings, and their market position.Read More →

As an average consumer, buying car insurance is not at all easy, considering you might not exactly know which policies are the most advantageous for your situation. The options put at your disposal are virtually endless, varying in terms of benefits as well as price. To make the process of shopping for car insurance a bit easier, understanding the coverage possibilities will be necessary. These are the details you should be aware of on the subject.Read More →

For many, home insurance policies may seem like useless insurance products. But objectively thinking the matter, you will come to a conclusion that you really need a product like this, even if it is for your peace of mind. Below are some of the most common questions regarding this matter, answered by professionals and defined by the Canadian Government.Read More →

Building or buying a house demands time, energy and money so we can definitely view it as one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. Unfortunately, not many people understand the importance of protecting that investment for years to come by simply opting for home insurance. If you fall into the same category, pay close attention to this article in order to become familiar with the basics and lesser-known benefits of this policy because it will prove to be fundamental when choosing the most affordable coverage for your needs.Read More →